Ch Impromptu' Ruby Ruby
(BISS Ch. Sealore's Grand Applause, ROM X Impromptu Naughty Lady)

      Englewood The Magician
    Parader's Spellbinder
    Parader's Heather, CD
    Ch. Applause Parader Persuasion
    Parader's Sir Tommy
    Ch. Arrowhill Applause
    Ch. Arrowhill Kelena of Kaimacha
    BISS Ch. Sealore's Grand Applause (Sire)
    BISS Ch. Tartanside The Gladiator, ROM
    BISS Ch. Can. Tartanside Heir Apparent, ROM
    Ravette's Tar' n Feathers
    Starr's Dark Crystal, ROM
    Ch. Karvel Sudden Windfall
    BISS Ch. Starr's Blue Jeans, ROM
    Hi Vu Silver Mystery
    Ch. Impromptu Richochet
    Ch. Clarion's Nightrider
    Ch. Kemrick's Silver Satin
    Ch. Clarion's Light Up The Sky
    Ch. Laurien Afterhour Blues
    Afterhours CherCher Le Femme
    Afterhours Jezabel
    Impromptu Naughty Lady (Dam)
    Ch. Impromptu Kudos
    Impromptu Apogee Of The Moon
    Highlanders The Moon's Balloon
    Impromptu Devil's Delight
    BISS Ch. Vi-Lee's Platinum Plutonium
      Impromptu the Haunting
    Impromptu The Sorceress

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