Ch Impromptu' Written On The Wind "BBD"
(Ch Afterhours Color of the Wind X Ch. Impromptu' Midnight Dancer )

BBD (Big Black Dog) is a collie that combines all of the attributes of the old Sterling, ToKalon, and Hertzville lines. He is extremely sound with a profuse coat of correct texture. His head properties are those of that we have striven to attain and keep. His expression and eye; full round muzzle; strong underjaw; lean, flat skull with flat and smooth zygomatic arches are those of all our old collies. He excels in a sweet, properly placed, dark eye. He seems to be blending well with a variety of outcrossed bitches as well as those that are line bred.

BBD's Champion Get:

      Ch. Gambit's State of the Art, CD

    Ch. Gambit's Chill Factor, CD

    Ch. Gambit's Dawn on the Horizon, CD
    BISS Ch. Gambit's Freeze Frame, ROM
    Ch. Gambit's State of the Art, CD
    Gambit's Arts N'Krafts
    Shoreham All that Glitters
    Ch. Afterhours Color of the Wind, ROM (Sire)
    Ch. The Meadow's Simply Smashing
    CH. Meadow's Notorious, ROM
    The Meadow's Puppycakes Express
    Afterhours Risque, ROM
    Ch. Clarion True Colors
    Afterhours Iridescence
    Afterhours Moonstruck II
    Impromptu' Make My Day
    Impromptu' The Bandit
    Impromptu' Breakin' Away
    Impromptu' Night Court
    BISS Ch. Sealore's Grand Applause, ROM
    Impromptu' Maybelline
    Impromptu' Naughty Lady
    Ch. Impromptu' Midnight Dancer (Dam)
    Ch. Applause Parader Persausion
    BISS Ch. Sealore's Grand Applause, ROM
    Starr's Dark Crystal, ROM
    Impromptu' Cinnamon Candy
    Impromptu' The Bandit
      Impromptu' Creole
    Impromptu' Snick Snack

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