Crown Royal Midnight Mood "Maggie"
(Glen Knolls Knightswood Sky, ROM X Bayberry Brandy Alexandra)

Since its beginning in 1961, the goal of Impromptu' has been to produce collies of beauty, elegance, balance, soundness of mind and body, and of a recognizable true collie line.

   This has been a joint endeavor of Martin and Barbara Schwartz. Barbara contributes the decisions and the sweat. Martin, the silent partner, pays the bills, plays with the dogs, is the photographer and acts as a critic. The first collie that this partnership owned was Laurien Silver Triton (Clifford), although Barbara has owned collies since 1948. Clifford was bought as a pet from Lynn Anderson of Laurien Shelties in 1962. He was a beautiful lavender-blue merle who initiated us into the show world. Although he was not a show collie, he had great beauty, had a true collie soul, and was a most intelligent dog.


   In 1963 while living in Winthrop, Massachusetts, we met John and Evelyn Honig, Bill Trainor, and Sally and Bob Lake. These people initiated us into the dog show world. After several false starts trying to buy a foundation bitch, we were able to purchase Crown Royal Midnight Mood with the help of our mentor Edith Levine. This bitch (Maggie)and Edith's imparted knowledge, helped us to attain our goals. The Impromptu' dogs of today still carry Maggie on their pedigrees.

    Our aim was never to produce the greatest number of champions. We wanted to produce as close to the perfect collie as possible. We show only sporadically due to family responsibilities and only campaign those collies that demand it by their quality. Our image of a true collie that was impressed upon us by the great breeders of the past is the same today as it was in the early 60's.

Ch Impromptu' Repartee "Snack"
(Ch Glen Knolls Flash Lightning X Crown Royal Midnight Mood)

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